Why Choose Toute Suite?

What is Toute Suite CRM?

Toute Suite CRM is an all-in-one system to run your growing business with ease

It includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
  • Booking tool – paid or free meetings
  • Client portal with mobile app, so you & your clients have on-the-go access
  • Project management, including the ability to share files (all assets stay within project)
  • Proposals, invoices, contracts and time tracking
  • Online learning platform – host paid or free courses

… and SO much more! (See a comprehensive list of features, below.)

WHY Choose Toute Suite CRM?

Toute Suite CRM is designed with the female business owner in mind

We are Aeryn and Lisa – long-time business owners (and friends) who were tired of cobbling together software, digital tools and apps in order to make our businesses run with ease – so we decided to launch our own tool especially for our fellow female entrepreneurs.

After trying many digital tools, systems and software that promised business benefits and administrative efficiency (but ended up causing us more stress), we realized a few things: 

1. The most powerful CRM tools are created for corporate users, not small-medium businesses like ours

2. These systems are often radically difficult to learn and outrageously expensive

3. Along with broad functionality often comes an intimidating interface – and a steep learning curve so many business owners simply give up (that’s what Lisa did when she tried Hubspot… true story!)

4. Female business owners are not being serviced in this niche

  • Let’s face it: many of us do it all! You may want to scale your business, but probably don’t have the corporate resources ($$, tech team, support staff) to implement a full-blown system now

👉 Here’s the thing… we know that a CRM needs to have lots of functionality to be really useful, but this can mean it’s difficult, frustrating and time-consuming to implement. 

However, with the right guidance and support, anyone can learn how to use a CRM system and implement powerful processes and automations to help them scale their business.

And that’s where WE come in! (Cue the superpowers…)

Toute Suite is the CRM designed for female business owners by female business owners. 

It’s scalable, affordable and we make it friendly!

We're Your CRM Guides

The idea for Toute Suite CRM was born out of a need to streamline complexity and remove the intimidation factor for female business owners.

Aeryn and Lisa are passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed and they both share a superpower – the ability to translate a client’s digital needs into understandable, sustainable, real-life solutions. Their experience and knowledge are complementary, allowing them to pinpoint opportunities for efficiency and growth in your business.

If you’re a business owner who wants to:

  • Scale your business
  • Nurture your clients
  • Achieve administrative efficiencies
  • Run your business from one cohesive platform 

… then Toute Suite CRM might be the solution! Book a Toute Suite demo today.

Have questions? Email us!

Toute Suite CRM can replace 80-95% of the tools you currently use to run your business, including:

  • Business admin software for proposals, estimates & finances (i.e. Quickbooks)
  • Appointment booking tool (i.e. Calendly)
  • Project management systems (i.e. Asana, Trello)
  • File sharing platform (i.e. Google Drive)
  • Task automation tools (i.e. Zapier)
  • LMS / Online Course platform (i.e. Teachable, Thinkific)

… and SO much more! (See a comprehensive list of features below.)


Valet Service: Done-For-You CRM Set Up

You’re in on the ground floor of this launch, so we are offering our early adopters a special rate for our Valet Onboarding Service.

Get Toute Suite CRM set up FOR you:
  • In-depth needs assessment and detailed business requirements session (1.5 hours) + notes and recommendations
  • Custom branded portal – logo, company colour, preferences
  • Personalized Admin dashboard, including menu customization
  • Setup of mobile app – company logo, colours, custom loader graphic, login page and connection of custom domain
  • Creation of three test clients within the system
  • Two workflows, including setup of any documents, contracts, emails, automation sets, task templates, etc required for each§
    • Workflows can be duplicated and modified to create your own in the future Three Client “Circles” (associated with the above noted workflows)
  • Included: 2 hour training session††

Domain (custom URL + access to registrar account) to be provided by client
§ All text/copy to be provided by client
†† Additional training offered at $150 CAD per hour + HST (or 10 hours for $1250 CAD + HST)ǂ


Early Adopter Valet Setup Pricing*: $1000 +HST

* Subscription to Toute Suite CRM not included. Monthly Toute Suite subscription starts at $100 CAD + HST.

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